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Failed calendar reforms

There were various attempts at modifying the calendar.

The most radical took place with the French revolution in 1792. The attempt to apply the metric system to the calendar failed after 12 years.• Even Mussolini wanted to have his own calendar. Not for long though as we can well imagine. He used his famous Rome march "Marcia su Roma" which brought him to power, as a starting point. The year "one", "anno primo" began on 28th October 1922.• The end of the Russian revolution in 1929 found Stalin also craving the desire to change the world by using the calendar. The following diagram represents a refined, elaborate five-day system. Each of the five days has been allocated a colour: yellow, orange, red, violet and green. The day off for each individual job was conveyed by the colour representing the job. Each fifth days was free.

All repentently went back to the Gregorian calendar, despite its many faults.

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